Historic Information

  • 1906: arrival of three missionaries of Africa namely Rev. Frs Jean-Marie Chollet and Oscar Morin and Bro. Eugene Gall in Navrongo
  • 1925: Mission opened in Bolgatanga
  • 1926: Prefecture with Fr Oscar Morin as Apostolic Prefect
  • 1927: Mission in Wiaga
  • 1934: Vicariate with Msgr Oscar Morin, apostolic vicar
  • 1946: Fr Alexis Abatey, first indigenous priest ordained
  • 1956: Diocese of Navrongo erected with Bishop Bertrand, M. Afr
  • 1973: Bishop Rudolph Akanlu ordained as co-adjutor and became first indigenous Bishop on 31st March, 1973
  • 1977: Navrongo Diocese became Navrongo-Bolgatanga Diocese and See moved to Bolgatanga
  • 1994: Bishop Lucas Sanyona Abadamloora ordained
  • 2001: First Diocesan Synod
  • 2006: 100 years of Grace
  • 2011: Bishop Alfred Agyenta Ordained
  • 2012: Diocesan Strategic Plan launched




Synod Acts that were signed by Bishop Lucas Abadamloora on 28th April, 2001 contained the following themes:



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Upper East Region Ghana

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